Better Communicaton in Your Marriage: Get it Right Without the Fight

Learn the 7 most important steps to improving your communication and creating more connection in your marriage.


Wouldn't it be nice to...

Express yourself using just the RIGHT words so your husband fully understands you, appreciates your perspective, and responds in a loving and compassionate way

Truly listen so that you deeply connect with and understand your husband instead of feeling the need to defend, prove him wrong, and fight to get your own point across

Easily control your emotions during a heated conversation so you remain calm, react appropriately and avoid triggering an argument or shutting your husband down

Quickly turn what could be an argument into a productive conversation that ends on a positive note by using just a simple phrase and a specific tone of voice 

Know EXACTLY how to approach difficult conversations in a way that helps your husband keep an open mind, remain cool and be willing to listen objectively 

It's possible to get your communication back on the right track. Download your free guide and learn the EXACT steps to make it happen.

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I’m Dr. Chavonne Perotte, Author, Speaker, Marriage Coach and Founder of RelateAble. 

I've spent the past 15 years studying communication in intimate relationships and I KNOW what works and what doesn't. I've coached women all over the country to communicate more effectively by using proven techniques that promote greater understanding, active listening and the healthy exchange of ideas and different perspectives with their husbands. I know how difficult it is when communication is not going well, and there's no need for you to continue to struggle. In this guide you'll receive some helpful tips and ways of thinking about things that will definitely move you forward. 

Now these steps only work if you work them, so make it your intention to apply what you learn starting tonight!