12 Quick Tips to Reignite Your Marriage

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12 Quick Ways to Reignite Your Marriage (without it feeling like "work") 

Turn your marriage from "can't feel the love" to "crazy in love" with these never-tried before ideas you'll actually want to do that take less than 7 minutes each

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Feel those butterflies again whenever your husband walks into the room

Look at each other with adoring eyes and exchange those flirty little smiles 

Actually want to be intimate with your husband more than you want to catch up on sleep

Know that your husband still feels like you are the most beautiful woman in the world

Feel excited and eager to spend more time with each other because it's the best part of your day  

It's time to get that spark back and set your marriage on fiyaa!

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Remind your husband of why you are the best thing to happen to him and inspire him to start putting forth more of an effort to express his love for you

Recapture more special moments together where it's just the two of you talking about the things that are important (without any annoying distractions)

Discover the little-known technique to keep you on his mind and racing home to you at the end of a stressful day at work 

Uncover the ONE thing you MUST STOP doing so that you can finally be motivated to make your marriage a top priority in your life (and not feel guilty because you let other things slide) 

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I’m Dr. Chavonne Perotte, Relationship Expert, Marriage Coach and Founder of RelateAble. 

I've coached women all over the country to transform their marriages from feeling mundane and unfulfilled to ones that are their greatest source of joy and excitement. I'm excited to share my BEST 12 TIPS to reigniting that fire back in your marriage ASAP!